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Precision PTFE

PTFE offers many distinct advantages over elastomers. These advantages include corrosion resistance, massive temperature range capabilities, excellent electrical properties and an almost unlimited shelf life, to name a few.


Our PTFE Offerings

  • CNC Machined PTFE Products

  • Injection Moulded PTFE

  • Sintered PTFE 

Advantages of PTFE OEM Parts

Corrosion resistance

Media that isn’t compatible with typical rubber compounds, or caustic or corrosive chemicals can make PTFE the best choice of material.

PTFE is impervious to almost all industrial chemicals, making it one of the most corrosion resistant materials available throughout all industries. And it the integrity of rubber compounds is being compromised by chemical attack, then PTFE may do the trick.

Long shelf-life

Applications requiring long-life or extended service intervals in corrosive environments may also merit the use of PTFE.

While some elastomers might survive for the short term or in intermittent exposure, degradation over time might result in problems years down the road, whereas PTFE’s resistance properties will remain indefinitely.

Wide temperature range capabilities

PTFE’s temperature range capability of -325°F to +500°F is also well beyond the range of most elastomers.

Applications in cryogenics or high temperature situations such as ovens or combustion processes may also rule out any elastomer compound, again making PTFE the best choice.

Extremely low temperatures will cause most rubber compounds to harden to the point where any elastomeric properties are no longer present in the material. This combined with contraction of the material can mean it will no longer function effectively as a seal.

PTFE, on the other hand, retains flexural and pliability properties even at cryogenic temperatures.

Additional Benefits

PTFE has some additional advantages over rubber compounds as well:

  • Unlimited Shelf Life: PTFE doesn’t degrade with age and is unaffected by UV light, so age control is not typically necessary

  • PTFE does not swell due to moisture absorption

  • PTFE is not susceptible to explosive decompression

  • Virgin PTFE is FDA Compliant

  • PTFE has excellent electrical properties such as dielectric strength and electrical resistance

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